Amir Bayat/ Pianist, Composer

A gifted and ambitious composer and concert pianist, seeking performance opportunities in the professional realm.

Important performances:
-Piano Concertos with Azerbaijani Symphony Orchestra
-Recital concerts with Vahid Bayat, Azerbaijani folk music in Los Angeles
-Azerbaijani folk concert in Washington D.C
-Solo concert at USC (University of Southern California) ( Beethoven Sonatas)
-Beethoven Piano Concert no.1 with El Camino Symphony Orchestra
-Azerbaijani folk music at Michigan University
-Solo concert at Orange Coast College, Southern California
-Unhidden Sound, California Tour with Saba Ensemble, founded and music composed by Amir Bayat
-Azerbaijani concert at UCLA, Royce Hall

Teaching Experience:
– 2012: Started teaching piano privately
– 2015: Held workshop in Iran for advanced students
– 2016: Teaching music theory at a high school in Los Angeles
-2016: Masterclasses in Iran

Important works :
– Silk Road ( Music for piano and percussion, by Amir Bayat), 2013
– Parallel Universes music for film by Amir Bayat, 2014
– Unhidden Sound album ( Persian music by Amir Bayat), 2016
– “Half Laughter, Half Pain” project ( music for string quartet and persian ensemble, by Amir Bayat), 2016
– Sohrab, a journey ( Film music composed by Amir Bayat)
– My Homeland (solo piano by Amir Bayat) (coming soon)