Amir Bayat’s musical journey started at the age of three, when his father taught him how to play the tombak.
At five years old, he attended the Rostropovich school of music in Baku, Azerbaijan, and learned to play the piano from his teacher, Lodmila Starkova, one of Russia’s greatest piano teachers.
At the age of seven, and over the span of a few years, he was repeatedly chosen to play as the piano soloist with the Baku Symphony Orchestra.
Aside from working on his piano repertoire, Amir also began to play the tar, and was first instructed by his father.
He later worked for a little while with Fariborz Azizi, and also attended a couple of Hossein Alizadeh’s classes.
His latest project is the founding of Saba Ensemble, an Iranian quintet, who already had their debut concert in Orange County, California, and are currently continuing with their state tour performances.
Currently, Amir is studying and working on film score composition bothUnited States and in Iran. He began his primary extensive Studies in the United States